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Lovely Girl and Doggie Frameless DIY Acrylic Paint By Numbers Kit 40x50cm

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Lovely Girl and Doggie Paint by Numbers Kit is an ideal introduction to the joys of painting. No limitation regarding the experience or age. Basic painting skills can create your own amazing artworks. It's a form of stress-relieving, a way of expression, an avenue to let your angst out. You can decide the steps of drawing according to your personal favour or paint by the numbers on the canvas.

Besides, you might also frame your finished artwork as the wonderful original wall decoration in the living room/ bedroom. Sending it as an excellent gift with your signature to your dear friends.

Paint By Numbers Kit includes everything you need to complete your painting:
1. High-quality pre-mixed acrylic paints
2. Professional paintbrushes x3
3. Pre-printed textured canvas 40x50cm (16x20inch)

1. This picture is not finished. It needs to paint by crafters themselves.
2. If you are tired and want to take a break. Please cover the paints and wash the brushes to avoid those paints and brushes are getting dry and harden.
3. Do not dilute the paints with water. If you painted the number with the wrong colour, just find the correct colour to cover it when it's dry.
5. Frame sold separately brings out the beauty of your artwork.

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